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What about customizing credit card usb flash drive to act as business gift? / KingMaster

Author : Kingmaster Date : 8/19/2013 11:40:36 PM

Nowadays, sending gifts becomes a trend to enhance business relations between those companies. Suitable gift is not only express both the mind but also letting each other unconsciously accept advertising, to achieve publicity or promotional effect and is indeed popular with many businesses. How about customizing credit card usb flash drive to act as the business gift?



Credit card usb flash drive supply capacity of different sizes for users’ selection. USB interface and U disk body fused together, it can rotate 180 degrees along the cards. Its seismic performance is very good and size is 8.5*5.4*0.1CM. It has the same size with a business card and can be easily installed in the wallet. Card usb flash drive not only owns the beautiful appearance, popular with a lot of users, but also widely used by banks, financial and other industries and then it is honoured as Bank Card USB Flash Drive and Credit Card USB Flash Drive. Besides, usb interface with scalable push-pull design can be plug-and-play and smooth telescopic bring excellent feel. Especially business iron gray metallic brushed highlight solemn and wise style. As a distinctive gift in business dealings both show the distinctive vision of the giver and can pass the extraordinary personal tastes of the user.


Holders naturally highlights a distinctive identity and taste, to reflect the gentle temperament immoderation in the business office. Its naturally dignified appearance has never been the pursuit of beauty, but in the minds of consumers, it becomes the portable memory disk to businessman.


Credit card usb flash drive combines light, compact, high security, large capacity, speed, coupled with its own low-power characteristics. It is becoming the new development trend of storage. Its refined, stylish, high-end style realize the perfect combination of ultra-thin fashion appearance with a strong connotation. What are you waiting for? Put it in your wallet quickly.


So do not miss such ideal promotional tools and contact gift usb flash drive factory now at 86-755-29810665 or send email to us (