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Branded USB Memory Stick Accessories & Boxes / KingMaster

Author : Date : 3/10/2014 2:21:58 PM

Custom Branded Memory Sticks
Branded USB Memory Stick Accessories & Boxes

At KingMaster we offer a comprehensive range of accessories to compliment your USB drive including Ball Chain, Key Ring Chain, Key Ring Clip, Key Ring Cord, Key Ring Swivel, Lanyards.These accessories can be added to your order for very little additional cost.To enhance the appearance of the USB Drive – Why not pack the USB stick in a Magnet Presentation Box (size: 88mm x 63mm x 18mm). The lid is held closed by a magnetic connection. Pocket packs can also be very useful to keep your USB memory stick safe.

For retail display packaging a Blister Pack is the perfect solution for all our USB drives. This pack allows you to create a company brand, with technical details, specifications etc. Please call us to discuss other packaging options that are available.

USB Drive Magnetic Presentation Box
USB Drive Metal Presentation Box
USB Drive Ball Chain - Key Ring USB Drive Key Chain - Key Ring
USB Drive Clip - Key Ring USB Drive Cord - Key Ring
USB Flash Drive Swivel - Key Ring USB Flash Drive Lanyard - Key Ring
USB Drive Plastic Presentation Box USB Drive Pockets
USB Drive Blister PackUSB Drive Plastic Presentation Box